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Use and Occupancy

After the initial sale or transfer of a Lot or Lots by Declarant, all such Lots shall thereafter be used and occupied only for one (1) single family residence, such occupancy to be by the Owner, by the Owner’s family, the owner’s tenants or the Owner’s guests. Unless allowed by the Declarant in writing, no additional structure shall be constructed or placed on any Lot for use a living quarters nor shall any approved building such as a cabana or out building be used for or converted to living quarters, whether temporary or permanent

Refuse Storage: Growth.

The storage of trash, ashes, or other refuse, excepting normal receptacles, is prohibited. Further, no trash, garbage cans or receptacles of any kind shall be left in sight, except on days so designated by the City of Chickasha for collection thereof. Weeds, excessively tall grass or other unsightly growth shall not be permitted to grow or remain on any Lot. Tree limbs, brush or other items may not be placed at curbside more than one (1) day prior to a day designated by the City of Chickasha for pickup of large trash items. No trash, ashes or other refuse may be discarded on any Lot or in or on Common Elements

Vehicle Parking and Storage

Vehicle Parking and Storage. No campers, recreational vehicles, boats, motor homes or large commercial vehicles, nor any vehicle in the process of being repaired or otherwise presently inoperable, shall be stored or parked (a) on any Lot, except where adequate screening bas been previously provided so as not to be Visible From Neighboring Properly and the Owner has received prior written approval from the Architectural Control Committee ("ACC''); (b) on the Common Elements; or (c) on the streets within the Real Estate Development. No vehicle shall park on the streets for more than twenty four (24) hours. The operation and parking of all vehicles on the Real Estate Development are subject to the By-Laws, and the Rules of the Association and the ACC

Improvements and Alterations. Plans and Specifications

Assessment for Common Expenses

For the purpose of fixing and determining the annual assessments or charges, the Board of Directors of the Association shall determine in advance for each calendar year the estimated aggregate amount of such assessments and charges as may be necessary for such year. If the Board of Directors fails to set the annual assessment or charges, the 15 | P a g e Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of The Homes at Redbud Ridge then current assessment or charge shall be in effect until changed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may from time to time during each year may reasonable adjustments in said assessment and may adjust the frequency of payments. The initial assessment shall be $600.00 per year per Lot.

Construction; Limitations: Deviations from Plans and Specifications.

Size/Square Footage

Size/Square Footage. The single-family residence constructed on each Lot in the Real Estate Development shall contain a minimum of 2500 square feet of floor space. In computing the square footage of floor space of a residence, the basement, porches, and garages shall be excluded. In case of a one and one-half story or a two story structure, the ground floor shall in no event be less than 2,000 square feet unless special permission is granted in writing by the ACC.

Improvements and Alterations. Plans and Specifications. No dwelling, building, wall, storage shed, cabana, greenhouse, playhouse, pergola, landscaping regime or other improvement or structure of any kind shall be commenced, erected or placed upon any Lot until the complete plans and specifications showing the precise and exact nature, kind, shape, height, set-back, materials, color and location of such improvements shall have been submitted in duplicate to, and approved in writing, by the ACC as to harmony of external design, color and location in relation to surrounding structures and topography and conformity with the design concept for the Real Estate Development. Alterations to improvements after the residence is occupied (as distinguished from approval of new construction) must be approved by the ACC in writing.

Construction in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the ACC pursuant to the provisions of this paragraph 4.18 shall be commenced within one (1) year following the date upon which the same are approved by the ACC (whether by affirmative action or by forbearance from action, as provided in paragraph 4.18.1), and shall be substantially completed within eighteen (18) months following the date of commencement, or within such longer period as the ACC shall approve. In the event construction is not commenced within the period aforesaid, then approval of the plans and specifications by the ACC shall be conclusively deemed to have lapsed, and compliance with the provisions of this paragraph 4.18 shall again be required. There shall be no deviations from plans and specifications approved by the ACC without the prior consent in writing of the ACC Approval for use on any Lot of any particular plans and specifications or design shall not be construed as a waiver of the right of the ACC to disapprove such plans and specifications, or any elements or features thereof, in the event such plans and specifications are subsequently submitted for use upon any other Lot or Lots


The landscaping plan should graphically illustrate location, lot number, adjoining lot border lines, nearest structure lines on adjoining homesites, sizes of plant material, lawn, mulched areas, and open areas. A schedule must be included on the planting plan indicating the following specifications for each plant:
• Common name
• Plant height at time of planting (2 gallon minimum)
• Plant qualities
• Identify grass and mulched areas
2. Features and Surface. All existing site features such as roads, walks, structures on adjoining homesites, bike paths, walls, etc. are to be graphically noted on the Landscape Site Plan. All surface material are to be noted (as to whether they are concrete, grass, planting beds, etc.). Texturing or other surface treatment of concrete paving it to be indicated and should include color presentation.
3. Sod Requirements All lawn areas must be covered with sod.
4. Tree Requirement. A minimum of two (2) trees is required in the front yard, one of which must be a Redbud. Trees planted under this requirement must be a minimum size of 2” caliper. Trees and shrubs must be planted in accordance with the approved plan within the time frame outlined in Section V.A.
5. Irrigation. All homesites are strongly encouraged, while not required, to have underground, automatic timer-controlled irrigation system to adequately irrigate all planting beds and grassed areas of the homesite. Spray should be contained to the homesite. The ACC may require relocation or redirection of spray if adjacent homesites, streets are affected. The ACC is not responsible for the system’s performance or function. The ACC shall not be held liable for any injury, damages or loss arising out of the manner or quality of approved irrigation systems.

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